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First shot


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59 minutes ago, mowin said:

No too bad.. 

I just can't get excited about hunting or shooting when it's 92°.


I really wasn't going to after having 4 genny lights but a flip switched in my head saying get target out for sunday,make the switch from broadheads then just said screw it and let a few fly.

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I had not shot mine in a couple of months and went to a 3d shoot two weeks ago and beat my personal best there. Once you reach a certain comfort with your form it is easy to keep things dialed in with the compound.

Now I am not talking leaving the bow in the basement for 9 months and then expecting to do well. A little more repetition than that is needed for me to feel confident.

But we are all different to some degree...

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Week 2 shooting. I always split up my shots- half standing, half sitting. Then split the sitting ones between straight on and 90° perpendicular. Anyway, today the @Sodfather encouraged me to try kneeling as well. To simulate a possible real scenario I drew standing then walked A few yards then knelt all at full draw before shooting. 



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