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2023-2024 Deer Hunting Contest Logo Pics


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Alright, normally I pick a picture from the previous year's contest to be the logo pic for the next season's contest, but since we haven't had a deer contest yet, let's see some candidates for our first!  Please post up any you'd like to have considered for the logo! :up:

Also, we didn't have any entries in the 2023 Youth Turkey Hunting Contest, so it might be a bit premature to try and kick off the Youth oriented contests until the site grows a little more?  What do you guys think?  I think the main issue is a lot of people are willing to donate to the contest and if we have no participation, we have to resolve the donation issue.  I'm open to either running it or waiting until next year to re-evaluate, whatever you all think is best!  Please provide your feedback! :up:

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I say let's wait to make a decision about the youth turkey contest. Hopefully the site will grow once deer season hits. 

As far as the deer logo pic, I think a unique live pic should be considered as well as successful pics. Maybe  before and after pics. 


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