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Weekend pull

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Brush-hogged trails and plots this weekend on 4 properties and checked a few cameras.  I wasn't expecting much for bucks this early, but was pleasantly surprised.  With cooler temps, I'm finally thinking about moving some stands.  Wish I could do plots, but it's still way too wet.  

Here are the highlights from my card pull.  Also had a couple coyotes, a porcupine and a small bear (not pictured).




DSCF0009 (1).JPG




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Two weeks since my last card pull.  Had to go see family for my niece's 21st birthday brunch and got to meet my grand niece for the first time.  Got to visit with my brother who runs the family farm.  Not many good buck pics this time, but a couple bears, more coyotes and 3 hens with more than a dozen poults.  







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Checked cams here and there over the last week or two.  Nothing super exciting, but it's early.  Couple bears.  One cam is set near an open gate and the red-tailed hawk likes to hunt there because I brush-hog it.  There are still new bucks showing up.  I'm looking for an older deer with some "heft". 

I can barely believe how close we are to October 1.  I checked a couple cameras here at the house and opened up 2 mock scrapes.  My stands aren't ready, but most just need new straps and maybe a little trimming.  I'll probably get to them during the early season.  I don't get too fired up until the temps really drop.  It's getting closer though!









DSCF0055 (1).JPG

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Checked cams here at the house.  Just a doe and a very small fawn.  

Went to check the lone cam at a permission piece and found a giant scrape.  The trouble is that it is close to where I park my truck and in sight of my customer's house.  Anyhow, some day time movement.  I'm considering putting up a stand in order to just observe, as I have no buck tag.  I would like to see some rut activity though.  I may just bring one of those xl folding camp chairs over.  Dunno.  Couple inches of fresh snow this morning.  Forgot to change the time on the camera, so it's an hour off.

DSCF0015 (1).JPG



DSCF0029 (1).JPG

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Checked cameras at the house and the permission piece here in town.  Not a ton to show.  I did have 5 does show up last night at last light.  They spent the night in the clover in my plot.  They ate, bedded, fed some more.  Pics are a spike, a cruising 8 point, and a buck and coyote at the permission piece.  Saw the coyote in person this morning and he has cool black markings and his full winter coat.  

11150013 (1).JPG

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