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Lifetime "Sportsman" Hunting and Fishing License for under 12

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I've been thinking about getting lifetime hunting and fish combo license for my 3 yr old son and 9 yr old daughter (miss the less than 6 yr old price for her).
The process for getting a lifetime license for a youth under 12 yrs old versus 12 yrs old and under is a little different.
I know you basically bring birth certificate for them and proof of your (assumed to be their) residency. I was going to look into it further but seemed like it'd be a good topic for a thread here. Where did you buy it and what was the process? Did you purchase it over the phone via DEC Licensing sales unit or at a regular license issuing outlet like a sporting good store or walmart? Did you put in all their info to setup a profile so to speak?

Post what the process was and what you learned from it, good, bad, or indifferent.

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I purchased the lifetime license for my daughter when she was 11 so I could avoid the next price hike. I did it all online and I remember it being a very simple process. I may not have all the steps remembered correctly but it went something like this. 

Purchased the lifetime license as a gift online. I think I uploaded her birth certificate and perhaps my drivers license as proof of residency.  

After she took the hunting course we made her, her own DEC profile where we linked the lifetime license and the her course(also done online)  certificate number into her profile. I did the same thing when she took the bow hunting course. Just uploaded the required information into the DEC system.

Now that I just went back and looked at the DEC website it looks like they took away the ability to purchase it online. I would assume that the process would be similar just in person now. You go there and purchase it as a gift with a copy of the their birth certificate and your proof of residency. Then when they are of age make then a DEC profile and upload them the certificate numbers for the courses they took.

Stinks that it looks like they took away the option to do it all online. 

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38 minutes ago, dbHunterNY said:

@Moho81 my only concern is not going to say Walmart and having some ass not give a damn and screw it up or it gets lost in the system.

Yeah, you might be better off not going to Walmart and maybe a Town Hall. It's a shame that they took away the ability to do it online. 

Edit: although I will say last year my daughters tags where all messed up from the state. Cabela's tried to fix it and failed. A women from Walmart was able to work through the system and get all the tags that she should have had. 

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