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Another fish stuffing cheater ..this time local...


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57 minutes ago, grampy said:

I just never will get why some people do what they do....................

lifelong strings of bad choices followed by the perceived need to make new bad choices, just for now to keep their head above water in life. in reality the right decisions mean taking some hardship and hard knocks for a short while but it eventually should get better. just my thoughts developed based on knowing people that do it. lol

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I did some bass tournaments for a couple years.  Was in a club for that.  Didn't like how they would change locations of the schedule and it was team draw yet the same guys were always paired together and you never saw the draw.   They would just go to the same spots over and over and what finally made me leave was when they cancelled two new spots on the agenda that me and another guy brought up before they season and they agreed on. They then cancelled them the week before and didn't even tell anyone except about 10 guys and blamed it on parking.  

"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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