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Good deal on a Pole Saw

Bolt Action

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I was in the market for a battery operated pole saw to clean up shooting lanes. I was hoping to grab one on sale or used since it would be light use at most. I found this one at Wally World in the clearance aisle for $48 ($98 originally). I don't have high expectations for it, but if I get a year or two out of it at that price, I'm ok with it. 

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I'd prefer to keep my battery tools all in the same brand so that the batteries are interchangeable,  but I failed.  Most of my power tools are porter cable.  My yard tools are worx and now this.  Couldn't say no for the price though. 

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I have a craftsman that uses the same batteries as my small leaf blower and hedge trimmer. Shame they don't make that style anymore so now I think I'm up to like 4 chargers on the shop bench. Dammit I hate that. 

thing works great though!

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