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20 hours ago, dbHunterNY said:

i've been wondering what to do with a black bear. I was kind of thinking have a rug done then make a pack frame myself and roll the rug up in it. rug takes way too much room on a wall and I don't really want it just on the floor. that's a cool mount.

If you're going to roll it up, just have it tanned. It'll be a fraction of the cost

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12 hours ago, dbHunterNY said:

Definitely understand that  it would be. Sewing on the felt takes forever according to taxidermists I've talked to. I think I'd want the option of a rug. We'll see.

You could always have the rug put on later if you want. Once its tanned you could do anything you want with it

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10 minutes ago, Bucksnbows said:

I hear the fingernails are tough to get right. :)

you joke, but that comment has some thought behind it.... and it's not wrong and also disturbing at the same time. lmao!

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Luke 6:31 and Matthew 7:12

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