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Greatest Hits

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I'm 30 years old and I have A LOT to learn.

While some things I'm okay with not knowing, hunting and general outdoors stuff is one area that I can't help but want to learn everything about. Not long ago, @G-man started a great thread about woodsmanship disappearing which got me thinking (dangerous, I know). It made me start compiling a list in my head of all the outdoor knowledge, tricks, tips, things to look out for, etc that I have accumulated in my years so far.

While I'll never know it all, and damn sure won't remember everything I learn, I thought it could be a good thread to share some great woodsmanship type things, tricks, tips, and just general outdoors/hunting/camping/survival knowledge that we have all picked up over our years in the woods. Call it a Greatest Hits: Outdoors Edition, if you will:cool:

It can be anything from smothering cottonballs in vaseline for firestarters/chapstick, to taking the sling off your rifle while still hunting so you stay ready, finding the first acorns to fall, to something as simple putting your heel down first and slowly rolling onto the ball of your foot to make less noise walking.

Let's hear em'!


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If you got 1 pic  of a big  buck or bunch of deer on camera and they dissappear  try turning the camer 180 degrees or adding a second camera  back to back and you will see  how quick  deer learn to avoid all  cameras but still travel same route

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Dont walk the top edge  of a ridge in a line  walk far enough away to not be seen at all then every 100 yard or so creep over and stop and scan the hill below ahead and behind  then walk back over the top ad dissappear  and repeat till you spot game and then mov e closenthe same way tonget in range.   Making noise and silhouetting oneself  so you can see will push more deer away that you will never know were there . 

Use your ears more than your eyes . To many hunters are visual 1st.  Hunting thick cover will put deer  in range and you will hear them before you see them

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One thing you need do is what ever you hunt with spend time on the range. Spend time in the field watch and listen. Learn how to field dress whatever you are hunting.  Then when hunting say for deer. If you never shot one get that first one under your belt don't worry about how big it is as long as it's legal and you have a good shot take it. Most importantly is have fun.

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On 8/15/2023 at 11:09 PM, G-man said:

What the heck is that orange thing?

Something that will save you about 5 minutes of “prime time” on every use.    With up to (9) tags per person per year now, here  in NY, that can add up pretty good.  

In addition to the time savings, there is also a “quality” improvement.  The sooner that the guts are removed, the better the flavor of the meat, especially the fillet mignons.  

One last tip, don’t overcook your meat.  

The countdown is on, just (24) more days until the September 9 opener of the early antlerless gun season.  I can almost taste it.  

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