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Ridiculous Trail Cam pictures....


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Let's do something fun. As everyone hopes and prays for big buck pics or is holding them in secret let's go post something different. Post up the most ridiculous trail cam photo of yourself! The easy but good ones are when checking a cam with nostrils high and pround but I'm sure there's other creative ones of you or your buddy. Here's me after hauling 100lbs of practically useless shit (corn/bait not in NY), high up into some rough terrain. Thousands of feet in elevation gain later at my destination my cousins trail cam caught me about to take a breather.... unstaged... looking like the biggest great white hunter/grade A tool box the world has ever seen! Hahaha.... still hilarious to this day. A fake jackass of a Dicks Sporting Goods hunting model couldn't have posed any better!

So let's seem'em!



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4 hours ago, Rusty said:

For a second I thought you were taking a domestic turkey for a walk in the woods!  :rofl:

That would be one of two unless bags of corn. Literally all the deer could've cared less that it was there. Ehole huny that trip the deer just chased and ate acorns. My stand and other gear was just out of the pic up the hill. A turkey would've been as useful.

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1 hour ago, Rusty said:

One of the funniest ones ever was when Bucksnbows sent me a picture at school of a couple of kids staring into his camera.   There was another class in my room so I was sitting at a computer on the side of the room.   When I opened up the picture one of the students yells, “hey, why do you have my picture on your computer “?    :rofl: 

True story!  And thanks to @Rusty, they never came back. That’s one of two funny stories we share about your students, but the other one I can’t post. :)

"A sinking fly is closer to Hell" - Anonymous 




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