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Special September bear season


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I recently received an invitation from my cousin to hunt bear on his property in September. I was surprised to learn that they have a special season for bear hunting that I was not aware of. My cousin informed me that he has trail camera pictures of at least 5 different bears on the property. Since I have never specifically hunted bear before, I am looking for tips, tricks, and any helpful information. Ps in 40 years of hunting I have only seen bear once in ny  so i dont feel very confident but im probably going to go anyway. Between four or five of us that are going someone is going to see something I think .

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I've done the special season 3 years and never had success so I can't give you any tips or tricks. Bear hunting without bait in lower density populations like the adirondacks, while not impossible is really, really tough. I think it's a well known fact that most bear are killed in NY by guys deer hunting that just got lucky. Funny enough I saw quite a few deer while bear hunting haha.

Anyhow, seems like maybe you already have a spot? Otherwise I'd say look for mast crop areas. Also look up something called a honey pot. It's a gray area, but most believe it's legal in NY with our scent/lure law differentiation from bait. But not all would agree. 

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