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Put my pup down

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Got him about mid April from someone who had an oops litter he was only 3 months old. Well within a month of having him he started having pain issues. He was originally diagnosed with Pano so we treated him and he did better.  Week later he started getting really sick and they checked and decided he had HOD which is growing pains in just about every joint, and bone. It  causes infections, high fevers and extreme pain and completely immobile, lack of appetite and dehydration. He would go from ok to extremely sick within hrs.   After fighting this since June today he could no longer lift his head or even move his tail without crying. So we rushed him back to the vet.   All 5 vets said at the clinic that he had the worse case they’ve ever seen and one only saw it 30yrs ago when he was in school.   Drs said we did everything we could have and more to try and save him. 

so he’s now at peace and no more pain.  Worst part was my 6 yr old screaming not to take him as I carried the dog out of the house. Kid is crushed and I think that hurts just as much as losing the dog.  Photos on the floor are my son with him last night before he got real sick today. 








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Heartbreaking story. So sorry for the loss of your son's pup. You did everything possible. And did the right thing for him. Maybe you can tell you son about The Rainbow Bridge? He may be able to better understand, and gain peace from hearing it?

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