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Insurmountable Odds…..


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While driving north on Gasport Rd yesterday I spotted this apple tree.  I was towing the boat to the Oak Orchard River and figured it wasn’t too smart to stop and back up so snapped this picture on the way back.   

I’m sure most have seen examples of this in the woods before but maybe not like this!

If the apples were a red variety it’d be a better picture but you get the drift I’m sure.   

Apparently enough nutrition and moisture get to this busted off section of the tree to sustain life.  I thought it was worthy of a picture.   


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8 minutes ago, Robhuntandfish said:

Cool and how was the fishing?

It ended up as a boat ride only.   Lol

I tossed the Pygmy jig a dozen times and came up empty.   My wife was along and fishing was secondary (at best)  anyway.   It’s an interesting spot going upstream, narrow and shallow in some spots but as deep as 25’ along some of the sweeping banks.     A guy and his lady got their very nice 19’ Chris Craft beached in some silty shit so I gave him a yank out with the old Sea Nymph, she sports quite the powerhouse 25hp Mercury ya know.   :)


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38 minutes ago, mowin said:

 That's cool..  

A client has a apple tree that's hollow at the base.  You could toss a volleyball through the thing. Only a couple inches of trunk on each side. Was full of apples last yr, but none this yr. 

I have a close to 200 year old crabapple tree in front of my house,that thing is completely hollow at the base. I am not sure how it keeps going but it is,it even has a bunch of crabapple on it this year.  I do realize the outer layers is where life happens for trees,but is still is pretty wild to look at.20190526_063845.thumb.jpg.87527d64831c8751b68d63bc8abe4969.jpg

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One of our remaining ancient apple trees fell over two years ago. It's laying on its side now and thriving, since it's getting more sunlight, free from the large trees that have grown and over shadowed it in the last 90 - 100+ years.   

It's doing well, despite being horizontal.  Sadly I know it won't last, someone in the family will eventually cut it up for firewood. :(

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