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Luna’s Tracking Journal 2023

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You may have noticed Luna is the only pup mentioned in the title. Kunox unfortunately had a bout of  Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) last winter and spent 11 weeks in a crate. Despite our best efforts, he’s going into retirement at 10 years of age.  It really stinks he can’t do what he was bred to do and loves so much, but I cannot risk his health for his remaining years.  We spend our winters in Florida and Geri  always goes early since she never sees me during hunting/tracking season. She and I are driving down on September 21st with Kunox and he’ll stay there with her.  There’s no way I want him to watch Luna go on every track.  When we leave the house for a track, it’s a big scene at the door with the dog left behind, then immediate sniffing when we get back. My point is, I believe it’ll be easier on him to not have to do that every time.  

Sorry for being so long winded!  Now, on to happier thoughts……IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME OF YEAR!  


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6 hours ago, crappyice said:

Ok Luna!!! You got this!!!

Kunox deserves to kick back and chase some FL tail!!!! I'm sure Geri will be happy for the company too!!!

Depending on the length of the tracks, I’m probably not going to do more than 2 a day to avoid burning Luna out. And yes, Geri is looking forward to the time with Kunox :-)

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