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My 2018-2019 Compilation


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I’m starting to get the itch. I hung a few cams recently and also installed 2 new ground blinds. After reading the Hard Horn thread, I decided to look in my phone at some old pics. I came across this compilation of my 2018-2019 season that I must’ve made at some point. So I just figured that I’d share here, as I’m sure it will get the blood flowing. Hope you enjoy it. I know I did!


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I found one more pic of the buck that I harvested from the previous season in the video. This is the only pic that I got of him in 2017, and also the first year that I started using cell cams. I did lay eyes on him with about a week left in the season, and he made quite a jump the following year.  IMG_0589.jpeg.fbc986f9987a544ff766cf87d376e974.jpegIMG_0920.thumb.png.75192349fa585708ac661753b0990e86.png

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