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Midnight Training


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    I train at Midnight just about Year Round for 1 Hour.  A good habit that gives me deep Sleep later.

 I have a good 3 mma routines and Boxing Training would be a 4th.

  I won't bore you with exactly  what,I do and on alot- it would not be appropriate on the internet.

   Basically, I work on Hitting,Evasion,and Grappling Techniques. And,I have no ready Stances that you can see. 

  Take a few steps and stop with your right foot forward. Do the same and end with your left foot forward. Now just stand like you are waiting in line or at a counter with your feet Square to eachother.  The walking Stance and the Square Stance- follow? This is where,I Train from. And a 4th would be with my back against a post. You get rammed up to a wall or a car with your back immobile- you need to take the offensive. 

  Some things to remember from the Karate Kid movies everyone has seen is when Miyagi keeps talking about " Focus". When you train alone you need to focus on a unseen opponent.  It is actually alot of Brainwork going on. Sensei Kreese makes many good points as well. And Johnny especially in the Netflex series when he is an older Man.

  Find a Good Street oriented  School that Teaches what,I have outlined above and it is money well spent.

 Someone throw me a Dime- LOL.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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