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Let’s see a picture of your first deer


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In anticipation for the upcoming season, let's get the blood flowing with some stories and pictures of your first deer. 

The first deer of someone close to you works too, as long as there are pictures!





This was my first NY deer (but not my first deer).   I was a freshman in college back in 1982 and my roommate invited me to hunt with him and his family up in the Dacks.  It was him and his brother, Dad, and their uncle.   I showed up with my 870 and a "small game barrel" and they all laughed at me cuz they all had scoped rifles.  If I remember correctly there may have been a joke or 2 about deer hunting with a silly popgun.  :pout:

Well, opening morning they dropped me off on one side of a "hill" and told me to work my way over the top and they would be set up on the other side, a mile or so away.  There was fresh snow on the ground and their property was covered in deer so it almost felt like cheating.  We had a party doe tag and they told me to shoot a doe if I got a chance.  An hour into the hunt I was working my way through an overgrown apple orchard and was able to get to within 30 yards of a herd.  I picked out the biggest doe in the group, put the single bead of my silly "popgun" on her chest and dropped her.

It turns out that me and my popgun were the only ones to take a deer that week.     :rofl: 

870 Doe .jpeg

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  Perhaps this upcoming 1st week in September, I might shoot my 1st Deer during the early Anterless Season.

  Never much motivation for Deer even back in the late 1970s in my late Teens. Kind of like the Guy who goes out 1 or 2 days in May for Spring Gobblers.  Get one or go Fishing. I knew a number of Men from a few Gun Clubs who did that.

  If,I get a Doe,I will post up a picture here. But not one with Trailing Fawn or Fawns

 See picture below from last night.


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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  • Rusty changed the title to Let’s see a picture of your first deer

Regular season of 1999 opening morning in WMU 4C. Everyone around believed it was taboo to shoot a doe so few ever did. I was 16 yrs old, the first year I could hunt by myself. Dad was just up over the hill and I was in his spot which was a natural funnel where a ridge connected two larger sections of woods with thick bedding below me. I was on the ground. I had no intention of shooting a yearling buck but not sure why other than I knew bigger deer where around. He came in with a few doe and shot him at 40 ish yards with a lever action winchester model 94 30-30. Still remember dad's happy as all hell reaction when he came over and walked up to it. I didn't really know at the time but I imagine it would've been 2.5 yrs old. 



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