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First week.. what would you do?


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Everyone wants to shoot a big buck for the area. So for those that can be selective, let's say you have two bucks that are "shooters". 

It's the first week of the archery season. The #2 walks by.  Are you shooting, or are you going to pass because it too early, and you just love the thrill of the chase? 

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I send it. Then I use the great option we have of a second buck tag and hunt the northern zone rifle for a buck.  This is always my backup option and I also enjoy still hunting the big woods.  And I tend not to do this very much if still after a bow buck on our property. 

In the last few years I have enjoyed trying to hold out for a big buck.  For multiple reasons.  I get to hunt longer, I like the challenge, I've got more options to fill the freezer with more deer now on our property.  In the view that trophy hunting gets a bad wrap at the same time it gives you more hunting time which is the true reason I hunt, the hunting itself. I've shot bucks early then sit out the rut and I feel like I've missed out on the best time in the woods.  

That being said meat is still #1.  If given a choice that I had to leave meat or horns in the woods, the meat comes out every time.  But being confident these days that I can fill the freezer one way or the other i tend to hunt for a bigger buck. And that doesn't always mean more horns.  My #1 for 3 years has been a 6 pt.  But anything that trips my trigger I will send it.  And if it's the #2 buck on the property I certainly do.  Then I hunt for any buck in the dacks til gun season opens in southern tier.  

Gotta love that about NY. I have a couple of spots in Northern and the best one is an hour and a half drive but that's still feasible.  I used to live on a road where behind my house was southern and across the road was northern.  That was pretty neat. 


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I would shoot it, I have run far less cams this year for that reason. Having killed a "target buck" that I hunted for two years last season. This year I am going with the shoot what you feel attitude. I have a general idea of what is around but I will draw on the first buck that gets my attention.  I will say shooting a buck on 10/15 last year was great. However I had some great encounters during the rut that were painful. 

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Thankfully in 3S I can take both...on October 1!

I let  a beauty walk one year since I already shot two does prior to his arrival...while I regret it, my back doesn't...although my back sucks anyway so I guess I regret not shooting! I've since stopped hunting that property and a poacher raped it cleaning out good bucks. I'm guessing "my buck" was taken by him two years after I left him go. 

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Easy answer, I don't have a list of shooters with corresponding rankings. I go and hunt, and if I see something that makes me excited to kill it, I kill it. If it doesn't get me excited, I pass.


Thankfully, I am still at a point in my hunting career where it doesn't take much to get my heart pumping. 

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