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First Time Hard Cider


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While reading this months issue of Backwoodsman, I came across an article by Sam Janus about making hard cider. It turns out that I had everything I needed at home to make it, so Wednesday evening I slapped it all together and started fermenting.


I tried my hand at homemade wine a few years ago using peaches. The results were semi successful, with an incredibly dry fruit wine that was drinkable, but nothing fantastic. It looks like hard cider is more forgiving, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that by the end of this month or beginning of next I’ll have a successful batch and can start another.


The little floaters in there are raisins per the recipe.


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I made some open fermented hard cider a long time ago and it was amazing!!

The trick was a cool environment to keep certain strains of yeast out and from taking over.  It took several months but was delicious...

Never succeeded again with the open fermentation. 

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Fun fact... Well maybe not...

When we were kids, dad took us to a county park. Nice lake to swim in and a hibachi grill to use.  

Us kids were soooooooo excited. When we got there, we were handed garbage bags and told we couldn't go swimming or play until we filed those bags with dandelions.  We picked until we were too friggin tired to play. 

Turns out it bit dad in the ass, because at the age of 4, I decided I knew how to swim. Turns out I didn't. Lifeguard scoped me up and plopped me in front of mom and dad, mom  looked at dad as she scooped me up and said... Really all this for dandelion wine?

I remember that crocks and how pissed mom was every time dad mentioned them. 

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