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Site Is Growing/ Seeing Alot More Guests Tuning In.


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 Definitely alot more Guests Tuning in lately with the Deer Seasons approaching.  And Starting to see more members posting their own Threads. 2 big positives there. 

   My favorite  Threads to read are by New Members and Lurkers especially  who have stepped up.  Just watch the responses.   Give them time before the Gloves come off. I remember when,I joined the Sister Site - njwoodsandwaters and probably  less then 10 posts in,I got Jumped on by the Lunatic.  A Good 8 Paragraphs  or so. 

 WTH- This must be the Gatekeeper, I thought- lol. I am slapping on the Bulldog. -- Just a Joke People.

  I always try to post up pics with my Threads to spice them up. Been taking those Throwaway Kodak Cameras out into the Fields+ Woods with me from the start back in 1974. Older then a Dried up piece of S@#!,I am.

  Below is a picture of me after missing yet another Pheasant. 

 Hope we get a bunch more new members with all the Seasons opening up.


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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