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Moved some rocks to my sugar shack

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I worked on my sugar shack some this weekend. I moved two big rocks for a retaining wall I needed on that building since it is built on a hillside. 

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to move those rocks but the chain and the old Ford 3000 tractor made it happen. The big flat one is 22" thick and about 3' square. I was able to slide it to the spot,no picking that thing up with the loader. It felt really good getting those into place instant retaining wall,haha. 20230904_192328.thumb.jpg.56780f947296bb37e66611004350cb5a.jpg20230904_192313.thumb.jpg.01880d572fcee607ae3f478ccb0411dc.jpg

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11 hours ago, Rusty said:

Cool project! 

I have to take some good pictures of it. It is an octagonal building and I used locust posts instead of pressure treated. I will build the maple arch from scratch and also put a sauna in. I figured since there will be a chimney we might as well use it for multiple things. It might become my deer processing station too,we shall see. I will use a bunch of leftover materials for the floor,some paver bricks and bluestone,square and irregular. 

It has an eight sided cupola too,that will be my bad weather hunting perch this year. There are a few does that are too comfortable around our house...

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