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Ohio Lease 2024


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I hope everyone is doing well here and finally getting into some hunting prep / actual hunting.

My hunting partner and I secured a solid lease in Ohio back in spring 2021 in Ashtabula County Ohio. It’s the #1 County for turkey and always ranks top 5-10 for deer based on harvest numbers. It is the NE most county and thus you can be there in ~ 4 hours from say, Rochester or 3 from Buffalo.

Lease is two properties 10 miles apart, totaling around 210-220 acres. One flat, one with ridges / bottoms. Cows on part of one of them but easily worked around and they’re not in the timber. Owner is top notch. My partner and I have each taken deer and turkey there over the seasons. I will post pics of some of the quality. From a hunting perspective you could easily hunt 4-6 guys consistently. I actually think you could hunt 5-6 on the ridge property alone at one time in gun season and not see one another. Flat property could hunt 2-3 in gun.

My hunting partner and I are planning to hunt it this year and Turkey 2024, at which point we are considering transitioning the lease to another group. We’ve already paid and the work has been done for 2023. Rather than giving it up and letting the owner deal with finding a new party, we want to make it easy for him. He is an absolute gem of a person and we want to ensure a smooth transition.

I do want to be clear that we (hunting partner and I) will not be making money on this at all. About the only money we would be involved in is if the new party wanted to buy the stands/feeders we already have set up (it’s not easy terrain to navigate in a few spots where stands are) so there’d be a win win IMO for the party to buy them lol.

If anyone is interested let me know and we can stay in touch to discuss transition timing and steps. The rate is much less than the going rate in the area because the owner values small parties and longer relationships - you’d be paying about $14-15 per acre depending on the exact acre size. 

We would be transitioning solely due to the shop opening up and also our desire to spend more time in the Midwest in Missouri/IL/IA/KS. We expect to draw IA in 2024.



















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