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My New Horse Pistol: Colt Walker


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Last week I worked out a trade with a guy from Florida for an ASM Colt Walker. I had a TC Renegade that I had less than $100 wrapped up in, and it turned out that it’s what he was wanting. I’ve been wanting a Walker for a while, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on it. In the end, I think we’ll both be happy. 

The Walker was a massive handgun, and the most powerful production gun up until around 1930. 9 inch barrel and 4 1/2lbs. It would handle a full charge of 60 gr of black powder with a .44 caliber bullet. I don’t plan on shooting that load in mine, but it should be fun for making smoke and noise. 



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Looks great. I have a thing for BP pistols. I worked up a hunting load for my 1858 Remington that I trust at 20 yards and under. Beyond that it just doesn't have the umph to kill them ethically.

A walker though, that would be a fun hunting gun.

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