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Grain planting dates

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When I started planting wheat and rye, late August was my goal. On advice from forum members I switched to early to mid September. 

I will overseed clover trails with rye and a new micro plot on the 10th. Anyone have input on too soon, too late or just right? It's so hard for me to wait this long because of concern of an early frost.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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I used to plant rye and oats in August but several years ago I switched to early / mid September with most of the planting being done on Labor Day weekend.  I've noticed that the rye and oats stay in a more lush state for longer, making them more palatable and attractive since switching to the September planting.  I think you are just about right with your planting date.

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If your planting them for deer consumption, the goal is to have them 4-8" tall before cold weather sets in. Where i live that typically means 2nd or 3rd week of september planting. I used to plant my grains September 1st - Labor day weekend, they would be near a foot tall or more and seemed they would draw better during bow season when they were shorter.. 


If planting them as a simple nurse crop or cover crop, anytime is fine. 

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6 hours ago, mowin said:

Well, glad to hear I still have time.  The farmer that bales the fields, hasn't gotten it done yet, and I'm heading to Tennessee on Sunday till the 19th.  

I put rye in my garden last fall in late October, still grew a tiny bit before winter set in

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I use many hundreds of pounds of rye every year on river restoration projects. I have gotten germination as late as the first week in December in mild years and have been shut out as early as late October. But September and most of October are fine for rye. 

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