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We got a good one tonight. Two of my pop up canopies were twisted. Power has been out for a hr or so. Gen is up and running. Buddy of mine has a tree on his garage. I'm sure I'll have some clean up on clients properties to do. Hopefully I can get everything done before I leave on vacation Sunday morning. 

Anyone else getting severe weather? 

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11 minutes ago, Splitear said:

It thundered around a bit and rained some here in Ballston Spa, but nothing major. Hopefully no major damage for you. 

Just a couple pop up canopies that were screwed down to the deck.  Not sure how big of a tree/limb fell on my buddies garage. 

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Well, neighbor stopped a NYSEG truck checking lines. He told him that most of northern Columbia county is out, and the main transformer blew. Won't be replaced until early next week.  

Just called propane company and they are going to top my tank today, and on Monday morning. 

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