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New ammo tax


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5 hours ago, Moho81 said:

$2.50 per ammo transaction and $9 per gun purchase. No longer done on the federal level through NICS but now done by the state police. Starts September 13th. 

There’s also a rumor that they are trying to get a 5 cent per round tax passed as well. 

Its actually worse than what you guys think . They want to tax .22 cal at 5 percent of sale price . But thats the only one . Any centerfire rifle and shotgun ammo will be charged at 10 percent. So if you are paying $40 for a box of Rem 30-06 the tax is $4 or 20 cents a round. All in the name of helping victims of " Gun Violence " ! One part of the bill says they want 100% of the funds collected to go to witnesses and victims . But if you keep scrolling down to the next section they say " or what the commissioner in charge of the new office position deems appropriate . Most of this money will just be another money grab just like in MA when they pulled the same stunt . The way I read it this excise tax is on top of your already high sales tax plus the $2.50 for the backround check . But it wont stop there . In a year or two they will claim they need more money and up it to 15% . They will throw it in the same pile as the other so called " Sin Tax " items like cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. Thats what Maine , Mass , and Vermont does . Every time they need more money they raise taxes on those items. I'm actually surprised they didn't tack this excise tax on both guns and ammo like communist California just did.

https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2023/S270#:~:text=2023-S270 (ACTIVE) - Summary,of and witnesses to violence.

The senator from Brookline NY is running this show on the Ammo Tax .  So I see the " Meals Tax " in NY is 8.875% . I wonder if the Elites in his district would be fine with lifting that tax to 25% in the elitist restaurants they dine if to fund a program to help fat people buy gym memberships and start diet programs. After all they are victims too of high calorie food violence ! Or raise it to 30% in NYC for money to feed and house the illegals ! Im sure that would be fine with the elitist libs that live there ! 

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2 hours ago, Nontypical said:

The tax is the least of the problems. A non working system is going to cause bigger issues. 

Ammo now is all behind the counter often at a distance you can’t even read the boxes . Last place I went the counter guy had to basically shop for me .

Then he takes your personal info, as well as records the lot number of each box, after that I could take the ammo to the registers at the front of the store.

Once the double check system is in full operation expect it to be idk ten minutes per buyer instead of the 4-5 that took . Can’t wait till a week prior to gun opener where there’s normally tons of guys buying ammo ,in every store ! 

Im set for life and a good portion of our kids ,ammo wise , I may grab a coffee and go watch just for grins .

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