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This One Has Me Creeped Out


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Definitely  pot plants if it's by a swamp. Should be pickin time.  I know the black helicopters use to f ly around this time  of yr. Got a visit from the Sherriff once when I put in a food plot in the middle of a tall grass spot. They just wanted to see what was going on. They seemed disappointed  lol

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If its private property I would drop that pic to the Sherriff dept so they have it.  They, unsurprisingly, might even know who it is.   Best story ever is when you nailed that trespasser a couple of years ago. Nothing in hand and out there in the dark is def suspicious.  

"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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Private property. It's way off the beaten path, on the outskirts of the farm. Killed some of my best bucks here over the years. My hunting partner drove around last night looking for a parked car. Nothing. Gave the picture to local LE that we know, they said it's probably someone getting ready for harvest. But how did he get there?? This is a VERY thick and  nasty area. I've hunted this property all my life, and there is no easy way to get here, especially at night. We know all the neighbors, not them. A mile or so from the state land parking area. No car there last night.  Got us stumped. If it is a weed patch, he picked a hell of good spot, and definitely worked for it! Smoke on dude! But pray I don't catch ya, I'll ruin your buzz.

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19 minutes ago, Steuben Jerry said:

Do people still do pot grows in NY? With weed being legal now, I’m surprised that people go through all the bother of tending something remote when you can just grow it in your vegetable garden or attic. 
He looks underdressed for 55 degrees. Any jail escapes nearby you?



Apparently, they do.  

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