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Year To Year/ The Very Same Turkey Roosting Area.


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   I remember  for a good 15 years or so starting roughly around 1999 to 2014,I found through Scouting a Fall Turkey Roosting area that had the Big Birds using that very same area every October.  

  And very often the very same Trees. Alot of huge Hickories in this area. Not Stewart or Sterling. 

  Come October 1st each year,I would Kill 1 or 2 Turkeys on the opening day when it was Legal to do so back then. Or get a bad scatter and have the Turkeys start to get together elsewhere. 

  Of course back then the Bow Deer Season did not start until around October  20th or so. And there was not Hunters coming in and out checking their Trail Cameras.

   Once the Bow Deer Season started on October 1st - that reliable Turkey Roost area dried up.  And the Fall Turkey Season was moved back near 3 Weeks to later in October. Basically  a Switch was made back in 2015.

  Anyway the Turkeys were Spooked out of that area by around October 5th as,I would hunt that area looking for Woodcock  . All Turkey Sign was virtually  gone.

   From my observations from the late 1990s to 2014,I would assume that a Large Chuck of Private would also have the very same Fall Turkey Roosting areas from year to year.  Probably  good success for those out on the Fall Turkey Opener.

  So this year,I have Turkey Sign around my Dusting Pit that,I have made. I have made around 5 trips to stir the Top Dirt up. More of a walk through area rather then a Roost Site.

  And there are 3 Tree Stands nearby that,I know about. There could be more. The Big Birds are indeed Spooky by the time,I get out in Late October.  At this point- just happy to be out and about now.





Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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