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Parking Wars At Stewart State Forest/ Bow Deer Hunters Vs Pheasant Hunters.

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   With October  1st fast approaching, I thought,I would revive this Thread that,I first uploaded on the old NY Site. 

    Now 2014 and before there was no such issue as Pheasant Season started on October 1st and Stewart is considered  one of the best places to Public Hunt Pheasants in the entire State. It was crowded then. And the available  78 parking areas fill up fast. 

  Make That Double Fast!

  However in 2015 that all changed. Bow Deer Season was moved back from later in October  to October 1st as well. At the same time- The Fall Turkey Season was moved back from October 1st to the 3rd week in October.  Basically  a Switch was made.

     So now from 2015 and on there are Hardcore Pheasant Hunters and Hardcore Bow Deer Hunters arriving early at Stewart State Forest.

 How early? Let's  just say if you pull into Stewart at 4am the 1st week in October-- you are Jack@#$! 50+ Vehicles back in the Line on Weed Road.

   Back when the Fall Turkey Season started on October 1st,I would arrive just before Midnight on September 30th and " try" to get some sleep.  Yeah,I am a Fanatic on opening days like many . -- The Early Bird Gets The Worm or the most Famous Calvary Commander in the Civil War ( Confederate) stated- - Get There The Firstest With The Mostest.

  Trying to throw some comedy into this Thread  here. 

  Seriously though- Stewart State Forest at less then 7,000 Acres has absolutely Beautiful  Topography.  Flat and Rolling with Huge Fields,Smaller Fields, and Hidden Fields. Swamps and Wetlands bordering the Fields.  

  In short everything that Bow Deer Hunters and Pheasant Hunters are looking for.

    Decades back my Father told me that no one is allowed to Park before 5pm on September 30th.  Usually  though every September  30th- Hunters start arriving  way before 12 Noon. Last year,I was Hiking at Stewart on September  30th and 2 Vehicles  were already parked before 9am! The DEC last year kept that Gate Locked so no 70 Vehicle line up could start. Really no room for 5 or so now backed up to Rt. 207.

  What,I like to do is arrive at Stewart around 12 Noon. Forget it. Bow Deer Hunters will be having their Lunch right where they are parked before going back in to Sundown.

  And that is the major problem  right there. Hunter Parking spaces should not be Hogged the entire Day by 1 Man or 1 group in 1 Vehicle.

  With Pheasant  Hunters the Hunting Dogs are spent after 2 hours max and need well earned rest for the next day.  They are pulling out of that parking spot.

   Always good to have options besides " Plan A". I am more often at Sterling Forest State Forest in the Fall. A good 22,000 Acres that,I know every inch of. And 2 "Open" areas known to mostly the Local Hunters " in the know" that,I can't  reveal here- lol. 

    So if you are considering  Hunting at Stewart State Forest- you need to reflect and think of the Crowded conditions. 

   And 1 hour before Sunup-- Gentleman-- Start Your Engines! 

    And the Race in begins!  Seriously  be careful on some of these narrow Dirt Roads!  You have to navigate  around the Potholes while someone  is straight on your Ass. 

  Good Luck out there and be safe.

 Bowing off the Dojo Floor.



Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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Here we are- September 30th. 1 more day until What we all have been looking for!

   Stay safe over at Stewart and drive safe.

   Many Years back there was a good 12 Hunter Parking Areas that had access for " 2 Vehicles" to park there. It alleviated the Crowding in October on the 78 available Parking spots. And that was years before the Bow Deer Season was moved weeks back to October 1st.

     There are probably  Hunters starting to line up over at Stewart State Forest as,I write this at 6.57am on 9/30/23.

   And which group is more hardcore to Park a full day early- Bow Deer Hunters or Pheasant Hunters?

  It is a Toss up of course. In any event- be safe when - All Engines Fire Up at 1 hour before Sunrise on October 1st and the Race in begins.

 I have saved a few pictures from many years back when 2 Vehicles were allowed to park at the very same Hunter Parking Area. I will probably  wait a few days  before,I hit Stewart.

  I will try some Woodcock Hunting instead elsewhere. ABBEY IS STOKED!




Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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