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Girlfriend season ending..... PSA


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Hunting season is almost upon us and some have been out already, but this is your PSA that Girlfriend season is ending, so better get the significant other out for a day trip/dinner etc. Lol

I kid about this but always a good idea guys to spend some extra time with the wife/girlfriend  before season cause we are dumb asses and tend to get focused on being in the woods a little too much.  

Lots of great early fall activities out there this time of year.  We are going to the Remsen barn festival this weekend and Columbus Day we are taking a day trip thru the Dacks.  All of these days are important and looking forward to them.  


"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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Between the months of October and December, my wife will freely admit to being a 'hunting widow'.  Of course if I'm truly needed, I'm there. I make sure my honey-do list is pretty much caught up. And we will be taking a couple leaf peeping trips. After 40+ years together, she knows not to schedule random get togethers, parties, or early weekend dinners. She has never hunted a day in her life. (I tried) But she is my #1 supporter in all my hunting and fishing adventures. I think I'll keep her for at least another 40+ years!!!

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With a young family I never get to spend as much time in the woods as I would like. It also does not help that my sister and brother in laws birthday is on September 20th, our wedding anniversary is September 23, my niece's birthday is October 10th, my other brother in laws birthday is October 20th, my mother in laws birthday is November 6th and my wife's birthday is December 1st. Throw in Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas and New Years and the end of the year is stupid busy. 

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