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Anyone notice less small game in the woods this year ?


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  • Phantom changed the title to Anyone notice less small game in the woods this year ?

The pendulum will always swing back. Low prey means high predators. Then the predator population crashes from lack of food and the prey rebounds. Then the cycle repeats. Squirrels were noticeably low by us, but grouse numbers and bunnies were only okay, yet below normal. 

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Yea like I notice drop off of animals about the time covid started just before that I was seeing lots of small game all over in the forest then it just get worse and worse this year being the worse. I wonder if the virus had something to do with it or less acorns this year  that is  another thing I notice . Mayhe   combination of factors ,  Predators , virus and less acorns in the forist. . 

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1 hour ago, Skillet said:

Yes. Very few squirrels at my place, where there used to be tons. Few turkeys. No grouse.

One thing there's no shortage of is predators. Fisher & coyote all over the place.

Two years in a row of little to no mast doesn't help anything either 


Same for us a few hills to the west. Yr 2 of no oak mass whatsoever. 

Occasional fisher and fox, fair amount of yotes on cam.

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