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Yes, people are that stupid...


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So yesterday evening I see yellow rotating lights down by the road. Took a walk down to see a wrecker hooking up to a 40' motor home that decided my lawn was a perfect place to attempt to turn around..  it didn't work.  My biggest issue was I don't think these people were ever going to walk up to the house to let us know, but would have just drove away. 

I've got there license plate number and his phone number, and they promised they would pay for the repair.

I managed to get most of the ruts out with the tractor bucket, and have 4 yards of top coming end of the week.. 



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8 minutes ago, BowmanMike said:

Especially when there is a driveway right across the road.

My driveway is just to the left. He had a car in tow, so instead of unhooking the car and backing in, he pulled in the driveway and looped it onto the lawn. 

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