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 Good Friend Cynthia and,I got together  this morning for some Pheasant Hunting Action over at Stewart State Forest.  

   We drove in sometime after 6am. We got Cynthia's  2 year old Dog COOPER in the back seat of my Saturn and in we went.My Saturn has reliable Front Wheel Drive and 5 on the Floor. 

  And some of the Stretches of dilapidated Dirt Roads have Pot Holes the size of the Grand Canyon.  

   So we drive way in to Field/s #1. Thick Fields! No Pheasant Scent for COOPER .  Cynthia  found a big Scrape with a Licking Branch above.

   We Motored to Field/s #2. Easier walking here. Now here COOPER was winding some.Of course,I have seen many Pheasant Dogs Winding. Some really throw their noses up- while others are very Subtle  and you really have to watch when these Dogs get Hot on a Scent. COOPER seems to be in the middle of the two. No Pheasants flushed up here and plenty of walking.

  We then drove to Field/s #3. We are starting to hear close by shots now. This Field we are walking in or trying to is THICK! But we saw some Pheasant  Feathers  where a Hunter had bagged one.

   Now COOPER  is starting to put things together.  He has a really good pattern as he works between Cynthia  and myself. He gets on a very close Hot Scent and Cynthia sees the top of the Weeds moving as COOPER gets close. Now,,I see movement  coming in my direction . So,I step forward  some and out Rockets a Hen Pheasant. 

   The Bird is flying straight towards the wood line. I am waiting for Cynthia to Shoot. A long 2 Seconds and still no shot. So,I opened up and down fell the Hen.

  CYNTHIA- Why didn't  you shoot?? She could not get the Damn Safety off. It Happens right? Good thing Cynthia marked where that Hen Fell past a Birch! She walked right to that Spot and COOPER Found the Hen. He is learning fast!

    There  was plenty of hot scents in that field as we continued.  I found remains of a Freshly Killed Rooster Pheasant probably  killed by a Coyote.

  And that is a Wrap. Hunted around 2 Hours or so and just starting to warm up.

  And of course,I gave the Hen Pheasant  to Cynthia.  I have no pictures as it was WET out there and left my cell phone in my vehicle.  Cynthia  took a few pictures  at my Saturn and maybe She will upload 1 here.







Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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9 hours ago, grampy said:

Way to go Cooper, Cynthia, and Bill !

Great day!

Perfect weather yesterday! Cooper is putting 2 +2 together.  And Cynthia's Husband does not want her out there alone. I am a combination  of good Hunting Partner  + Protector.  We are looking forward to the next Pheasant  Hunt.

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1 hour ago, cynthiafu said:

Ok Cooper is a good boy . Got 3 birds today . I shot one roaster . Hubby shot the hen and the third could of been either one of us .



I promised ABBEY a Pheasant  Hunt today/Tuesday in Sterling Forest or,I would have been with you at Stewart.

  You both did well! And COOPER IS GETTING BETTER!!


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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