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Work on the Mexico house continues

left field

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For those interested.

Will move garage to the other side.


Doors and windows will be reconfigured to be fill size and steel and glass.


Ripped out half the interior walls and put up steel beams to support the roof. 


Walls, ceilings and floors will be burnished concrete on right.


Roof of back terrace in.


With room for mango tree.


Full shot of back terrace.


Pool. That's pretty much solid rock. And a stump which will be pulled out.


Once a month on a Friday, the workers make lunch for everyone. Last week - pulpo.


And then payday poker.


Under a watchful eye.





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Will be moving within a year.

Inland, but 45 minutes to ocean and two hours to great tarpon fishing.

Hunting is waterfowl, ocellated turkey, brocket deer. A new buddy down here has the world record for brocket with a bow.

This is his turkey.


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52 minutes ago, Ncountry said:

Do you join the poker games and get your money back?  😆 

I deliberately lost to make them feel like they got one over on the "boss." We had a good time.

Other than the jackhammer they used to "dig" the pool, the entire house has been built by hand by guys in flip flops.

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13 hours ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

Interesting project. Do you have to worry about mold?

Yes. The Yucatan is basically a huge aquifer.  There's so much groundwater that the streets flood out during  a heavy rain as there is nowhere for the water to go.  And it's very hot and humid. But if you keep that air moving with fans you can mitigate the mold.

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