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Reds, hickory.. what are they hitting in your stomping grounds?


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I took a walk yesterday to check some stands and to see which areas the deer are using the most.  We've got a crap load of reds throughout the property and they are loaded and dropping. Not a ton of activity under one tree as there's so many of them.  Shagbark hickory's and loaded also and there's a crap load of those scattered around the farms.  But the trees in seeing the most activity around are the smooth bark hickory's. Lots of tracks and droppings. 

The two white oaks have a very lite crop, and while there's some activity, there's just not enough food there for them. 

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8 minutes ago, The_Real_TCIII said:

Reds whites and apples are getting pounded in my area but almost all does. I think the bucks are in a bean field around the block, Im hoping they come my way soon

The fields that were rye and harvested in July were planted in clover. Haven't seen a deer in them.  They are planting the new crops of rye today.  

I'm sure they are hitting the reds, it's just there's so many trees it makes it hard to figure out where they will hit. 

Last part of rifle and late ML should be great in the oaks, especially if it gets cold. 

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Between my buddies’ two NY farms, we have 432 acres and not a single oak or hickory. But we have lots of corn, beans and various foodplots. Should be interesting to get up there next week and check things out. 

Here in NJ, our deer are on red oaks and chestnut white oaks. Our regular whites didn’t produce this year but had a weak drop last year. Our reds are pretty loaded for the first time in 4 years. 

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