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How To Get A Book Self Published.


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    Alot of good Writers here on this Site,the "old"site and the NJ Sister site. But did you ever think to get a Book Self Published?

   First off- Self Published means everything is on you. From Proof reading to putting that Book out there. I got my 4 Books on Midwest Turkey Call Supply and sold out most of them.

    The 2 Most important  things to do is keep a Journal along with Pictures to go along with what you just wrote. Even if it is 1 Sentence. 

  You put both those together even after many years have passed and more memories will flood back. I always took a Kodak " Throwaway " Camera afield from back in the 1970s and onward and kept a Written Journal covering all Pheasant and Turkey Hunts.  

    You will have to get a Manuscript going in the proper order of events.  In this stage there are many little steps to think of as well.  For example,I wanted to write my Books in a Short Story format as people tend to lose focus in a long drawn out affair. Even here,I write my responses as short as possible  and straight to the point.

   I wrote my manuscript  by the Pen as,I have no Computer. You read that right.  I did it the old fashioned  way. I made sure that,I " Printed" rather then using " Script".

    Because the next step is to find a Librarian who will Burn your Manuscript on a Disc in the proper Format. You might want to pay extra to have her edit any mistakes. I did that on 2 of my Books. I paid $100 for this step for my 4 Books.

  Ok-- Now it is time to find a Publisher . I was Lucky in this regard as,I heard about Royalfireworks down in Unionville. The owner actually  lives very close to me.

   I would advise a first printing of no more then 250 Books. And that may be your final printing as well. That is what,I was advised to do. Don't  go for the 1,000 printed yet. You may be stuck with most of them.

  My First Book,I wanted to be no more then 100 pages. That is what happened.  So instead  of 1 Thick Book of near 300 pages for a Turkey Book,I decided to write 3 over time. Good thing too because as time goes on- you reflect on what else you could have done in your first book.

   Something to consider is should you use Color photos or Black+ White- which will be cheaper. I opted for Color Photos . And when your Book is Completed- make sure to Sign your Name and the Date. That will increase the value  of your Book 20 years down the line if you have a winner.

  I was told by Jim Casada that my Books might be worth upwards of $400 or more simply because,I had so few published.

  Oh- my last Book was a Short one of 42 pages. That was my Hunting Poem Book. I understand  there have been very few Hunting Poem Books Published.

  I almost broke even on selling my Books. For me this was a Fun Project. I did not expect to make any money .

   That's  it. Below,I will upload pictures  of my 4 Books. 

 I only ask that no one use my last name in interactions here on this site. Many already know my last name as,I joined the old site using my Full name as did Mike Rossi. And,I have a Utube  Channel showing my Full name as well. I only have 8 videos up.


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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2 hours ago, Kayak Ken said:

Nice, have you ever thought about getting them converted to Ebooks. I would guess it wouldn't cost that much and you could probably reach more people or make money. 

  I did that with 1 of my Books . 

 Just a Fun Project over a 2 year Period back in 2011+12.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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