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Photos from Ebb Tide Fishing Boat - Montauk's post

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***FALL Schedule Released***

It’s Blackfish, Bass and Block Island Bottom season!!! Our updated schedule has been released on www.ebbtidefishing.com. We highly recommend reservations as most trips are strictly limited.
Here’s the layout:

Local Blackfish and Striper combo
10/15 -11/5 630a-230p $125 Sundays-Thursdays

Start the trip with a little Striper Jigging at Sun up and then head to the local Blackfish grounds for the majority of the day. This trip is a combo like no other, arguably the best top water horizontal fighter in Striped Bass and the toughest rock divers in Blackfish.
Limited to 25

Block Island Bottom Bonanza
Fridays 10/13-10/27
11/6 - 12/31 5a-3p $160

Blackfish, Sea Bass, Cod, Scup and whatever else we can find lurking in the briny deep of Block Island Waters. This trip approximately splits 60% on the Sea Bass and Cod and 40% on the Tog. Limited to 25

Striper Sniper Half Day Jigging 10/14 until they leave us
8a-12p & 1p-5p $75 Saturdays

Striped Bass and Bluefish surround the Montauk Lighthouse in the Fall chasing migrating baitfish leaving the bay. Diamond Jigging is fun, clean and the most widely used method of catching any fish.
Limited to 40

Night Bass Bonanza
10/13-11/22. 6p-1030p $125 Thursday-Saturday
Live Eel Fishing. Time subject to change with tide.
Limited to 20






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