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This is the first time ever that I've had to set up my tree stand.

I'm hunting in a new woods new tree stand, not my stand. I had to add a lifeline and line to haul up the gun. I'm not sure if I have this lifeline right but I'm hoping it'll do. It's so nerve-wracking oh my God my back is killing me LOL

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Agree, try to get someone experienced to check out that stand if it isn't yours and be sure the lifeline is setup properly.  Key is making sure everything is secure.  Assuming a portable, all bolts are secured, any cables are secure and not rusted through/frayed, and the strap or chain holding it to the tree is secure and strong.  Not worth risking a fall.  Adding the lifeline was very smart, I have them on all my setups and have even gone to using a double lanyard for hanging stands so I can navigate branches while climbing without being disconnected.

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