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Local gun store


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Posted from local gun store , they nailed it . 

Vista Outdoors has just sold for 1.9 Billion Dollars
Who gives a shix ?
How does this effect the American Gun Owner 
Vista is the parent company for Federal , Remington, CCI & many others . They just sold their entire Ammunition portfolio to a 27 year old Billionaire from Czechoslovakia.

Over 50% of our commercially loaded Ammunition in America is no longer domestically owned or controlled .
Combine this interesting sale with the massive explosion at the Hornady plant & the conspiracy theorists are screaming foul .
Lake City/Winchester have stopped production of 556 for the commercial market.
Another ammo crunch ?
It certainly looks so 
Interesting times my friends !

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I’m not a conspiracy theorist and never have been. That said, a Czech owner means nothing. He’s still making ammo here in the US and his employees are US citizens. Let’s say WWIII breaks out, here’s what happens. The US government would temporarily take over the production capabilities to ensure our military has enough ammo. The Czech billionaire doesn’t suddenly close shop and start making ammo elsewhere.  So zero change to you or I by having this happen. 

"A sinking fly is closer to Hell" - Anonymous 




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5 hours ago, Meatball said:

What a shame that not one American billionaire could not figure out this would be a terrific investment for them. 

WTF is going on?

Because maybe it is not a good investment?  Just thinking of the legal pressures and precedents with recent laws ands court cases should make anyone think twice about guns and ammo, etc.     On top of current labor and supply shortages, there are a lot of other things to invest and make money in.  Billionaires don’t become billionaires making poor or marginal business investments.  

PS - don’t shoot the messenger - I think it stinks too.  Even if the plants are in US with US employees, control is still somewhere else.  And there is no guarantee that those factories and employees are not subject to closure or relocation. 

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