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Sportsmen's Alliance


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Anyone here a member of the Sportsmen's Alliance? I have been for several years. They seem like a pretty good organization for our cause. 

Just trying to get the name out there, for anyone who may be interested. 



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I'm not a member, but I'm aware of them. I think iirc they're made up of many smaller organizations in an attempt to give us the broader reach like the Humane society and PETA have. There are a lot of threats to hunters right now. Colorado has another ballot initiative to ban hunting on mountain lions and bobcats. The same state that voted (not a game agency decision, but a f'n vote) to ban trapping and also to reintroduce wolves. Many of us might say no big deal, I don't trap or hunt mountain lions, but it's just the start. As Denver grows, the rest of that state suffers, not too far different from NY and our city.

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