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Least Important Aspect of Martial Arts/Boxing Training Is


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   First off- Definitely  no expert here even after near 43 years of Martial Arts Training and over 50 years of Boxing Training.

   The least important  Aspect of a Students Training is Long Term Full Contact  Sparring. 

   As a former instructor, I believe you need to go Through  it for a Short time when the Student is ready.  Late Teens,20s,and up into a Students 30s. 

   Last time,I fought Full Contact was at age 34. 30 years back now. Like Riding a Bike- that Spirit is always there .

   Heavy Bag work is extremely  important Long Term however. Leave the 40lbers for the Kids. A Man should be using a 70lber.  And work up if you want. I use a 125lber. Mine is not Canvas because,I use no Bag Gloves. 

   I work the Heavy Bag like Rocky Marciano.  No Hopping around like a Bunny and Hands up always- Always.




Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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