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The Bird


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How do you cook your turkey?  Always like to hear and try some new ideas. 

I stuffed it with sliced apple, red onion and some celery stalks, then made a compound butter and put that under the skin.  Roasting covered at 350.  Uncover last 45 minutes.  

Thought about deboning it this year and stuffing but didn't do that.  Maybe next year.  

"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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We do it at my brother-in-law's so he prepares the bird, usually it's a brine or it's injected. This year because we have more people It's two birds. We are full smoking one with apple pellets at 225 and then 275 for the last hour. The bigger one we are going to half smoke until about 120 and then deep fry it until 160.

Always a good time cooking the birds, having a cigar, and drinking a few beers and watching the kids play.

Palma non sine pulvere 

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We got ours from a local farm only 5 miles from home.  I’m not sure, but probably organic.   16 pounds, we only had 7 ppl this year, so tons of leftovers.  

I dry brine with salt for 48 hours in the fridge before cooking.  It always comes out juicy with crispy skin.  Family tradition is stuffed with tiny pasta (tubetini), cheese, bread crumbs, onion, celery, and giblet parts.   Roasted in the oven, basted with white wine, lemon juice, apple juice, butter.  Came out great.    

I suck at making gravy, but this year it came out great, not a lump in it. 

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