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Bear vs. Bird feeders

Water Rat

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So I’m sitting in my ladder stand this morning when I get a text message from my neighbor. He has these security video cameras around his house and he sends me a video of a black bear walking across his backyard. I’m thinking to myself  I bet it destroyed my bird feeders. Sure enough….. I get home and go look. The bird and suet feeder are down but salvageable. I have a mulch pile that the coons and woodchucks den up in but this hole is big enough for a bear to go in. I’ve been here about 22 years and this is the first time a bear has been seen in the neighborhood. Pretty cool in a way.IMG_4922.thumb.jpeg.bd539d26255775d4b2445dc746b14ab9.jpegIMG_4923.thumb.jpeg.f4117a380cff6d0ca7734cd6f80b9b95.jpegIMG_4927.thumb.jpeg.6e9473d85c4b77b750b0419439000f6f.jpeg

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