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Headed out today for first duck hunt

Joe T

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One of my fellow members at the South Shore Waterfowlers Association is going out with my dog and I to Fire Island National Seashore.  He has the experience and I have a dog that can retrieve- is that a fair swap?  In all seriousness, I am planning on working my pup on steadiness and watching the shot while he shoots. I’ll report back on results!


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Awesome and good luck sounds awesome.  I am going in for waterfowl hunting next year full dive.   Looking forward to it.   I'm tired of bow hunting the early season in the warmth and does with fawns and lazy ass bucks.  Lol.   I'm picking up the shotgun early season and not even looking much at the bow til Halloween.  

Take and post up some pics.  

"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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We had a great afternoon on Fire Island! My friend  AJ was a great guide and very generous with his knowledge of the area.  We set up on a cove with a decoy spread and a couple of buffleheads came over but stayed just outside of range.  Then we hiked over to a couple of ponds and a large group of black ducks flew off as we came to set up.  So while we got no ducks, I learned a great deal and Enzo did well sitting in his blind and wearing his vest for the first time- he adapted well!  Next weekend back to upland until second Long Island duck session begins!




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