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Amazing when you add it up..


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We have taken over 500 deer of the land and just did a rough quick calculation  if you figure 11.50 a lb for ground meat and average 40lbs  it's a whopping 20000 lbs of meat  or 230k$ of meat . If you really get picky and see loin going for 22a lb.  It's more..  have logged 3x in 30 years select cut for another 70 k or so..   my uncle just manages for timber vs wildlife.. only 50 deer in 30 years  and has cut 1x in 30 years and has 70 k in timber and another cut to happen soon .. about the same $ according to forester..  

Best value by far is to manage for wildlife using select cutting every.10 years or so and taking game and enjoying the wildlife.

( didn't include 50 plus turkey taken vs 5 at uncles..  ) 

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Wild game meat can be very expensive. I saw Venison tenderloins for $30 per lb. The math above was based on current prices but the deer were taken over a period of time. At the same time you could argue that the percentage of savings, over store bought remains the same. 

I did the math yesterday on the two does I harvested last week. I had them processed and some of it made into sausage. The net was 85lbs. processing cost $265 for an average cost of $3.11 per pound and you can't even buy ground beef for that price much less sausage or backstrap.

I have also had some selective cutting done on the property, and I lease out the field to a farmer (free food plot) and although I did not make nearly 70K on the timber, I can still see the advantages of owning the property.

If you could find a good piece of land with good hardwoods that has not been logged, the timber could nearly pay for the cost of the land, and you still get to hunt it and provide your own meat.

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2 hours ago, broomeguy said:

Nice! How many acres?

Had a forester visit our property 2 years ago. Said it was too soon to cut. We acquired the property 5 years ago. 

300plus now.. perhaps to soon for timber but there are always habitat cuttings make sure you use a forester who will do habitat cutting  not just timber..  thinning pole wood stands, aspen regeneration are not normally considered by a forester unless you tell them what you are looking to do. You may want to contact your local swcd. And have them access it as a biological acessment.  

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