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Giant Ohio buck


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  • 3 weeks later...


Another “ scoring “ controversy via a common base , after what B&C did with the King buck common base ruling , including changing the score process in between when the King buck first showed up as a possible new world record , and when they  scored it lol . 

Kinda hard now not to shoot down this young man’s buck . I love the story ,a borrowed Xbow and tree stand , hopped on 30 acres of his sisters sat 11 hours , done !



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Common bases can be hard to determine sometimes. The way we do it at the NYS Big Buck club is usually by concensus if it is in contention for a top buck that year or all time. No one scorer would be able to make the determination on his own. At first glance this looks like a common base, but I can't see the back side. 

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All this back and forth about, well so spread doesn't count?, and why penalize for a extra point or point length not matching the other side?,  is why I've never had any of my bucks measured.  Antlers are dog chews.  It's only revenant to me.  

Do I want to shoot a deer like was posted.. sure, but then again I wouldn't want the BS. Every TD@H throwing out " it was shot over bait, at night, from the road, and with a .22 just isn't worth it IMO. 

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