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Cabin Fever

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I hunted this buck all last season, but never laid eyes on him. I had many many pics of him with the last one being on December 2nd, 2022, ironically in this exact same spot! By that point, I was pretty certain he would make it through the season. I was fully expecting him to show up all bow season, as that's what he's done the past 2 seasons, but he never did! He's a big reason why I hated to settle for any other buck during bow season! Without having him around, I didn't have my usual drive to hunt. He finally showed up ~150 yards behind the house!





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1 hour ago, 2BuckBizCT said:

Crazy what deer do. I had a 10pt in CT on camera last season all summer and hunting season and then 11/19/22 was his last pic. zero pics of him in 2023 all summer and fall until November this year he showed back up. I know it's him because it's the same exact rack just a little massier.

Same with this one, just a little more mass. His 2022 pic is my profile pic. I thought his rack would explode this year with growth, but not so much.

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