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TC Greyhawk


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I have a muzzleloader addiction.

Just picked a Greyhawk up cheap. It appears unfired, which is crazy since they were discontinued in the 90's.

Does anyone else have one? 

Not a pretty rifle. Too modern to be traditional, and too traditional to be modern. Has a good reputation though. pix831524738.jpg.52c1b00bdb348f0b4a0a85b504a40fcd.jpg

"Who the son sets free, is free indeed"  John 8:36

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I've never heard of the Greyhawk in the TC lineup. Must of came out after TC was sold and moved out of New Hampshire. Looks  similar to the TC  Cherokee and White Mountain Carbine of old style TC sidelocks . I dont think any of those had  stainless steel options. That option came out when the Encores were introduced . It does look like my White Mountain Carbine  except yours is a round barrel and mine has the octagon to round barrel. Im thinking this gun came out after the Encores as the new version sidelock.  Nice looking gun .  Should be a good shooter.

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