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Latest Pushups Workout/54 Second Sets.


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    Just completed my latest Pushups Workout which included just 2 sets for each Bodypart covering  the whole body.

   To start,I hold 3 Seconds in the Lockout position  and then go down just medium speed and back up and hold again for 3 seconds in the Lockout position  before going for rep #2.

  2 sets of 12 reps and always hold that last rep at the Top for 3 seconds.

  Both Sets lasted a minimum of 54 seconds.  Weighing 210lbs,I was burning those last 3 long reps.

 I learned this technique by watching a few Wes Watson videos. His goal was to build 20" Arms in Prison while consuming a moderate Protein/ extremely  high Carbohydrate Diet that he was fed there.

  I am changing the hand  position each workout- Mon- Wed- Fri.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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