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Soon To Start/ How Many Places Do You Check?


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   I always start checking around in January.  I have alot of areas to check in both New York + New Jersey.

    I especially  like to explore the Wetlands + Swamps in the Winter. More about Learning and reaffirming knowledge of the Terrain. I run no Trail Cameras- so it is all on Foot. 

   I actually have more areas to check in New Jersey. I check the Newark Watershed area,Waywayanda  State Park, Ramapo State Forest, The old Wanaque WMA, All around Monksville Res, and Ringwood State Park.

    That is alot of area to Hike and get some good Scouting in. The more Walking the Better.

  Up here in New York I check around Stewart State Forest, Sterling Forest State Park, and 2 other areas.

  I am a Year round Hiker anyway. I keep a new Journal going and write in info that,I think is worth reading at a later date.

   I have been doing this since my start in 1990. Late start at age 30 because of Zero  Turkeys in my area.  The more,I scout the better. No expert here. 

  Last few years,I also put an x on my Trail Map of the area where,I have seen Trail Cameras. It is probably  a good place to set up for awhile  when the Season finally comes in.

  I see many less Turkey Scouters even in April then back in the 1990s and all the way to roughly 2015.  That is why,I actively  look for Trail Cameras while afield.   

  Good Luck out there Scouting whenever it is that you start. Enjoy learning the Land. That is what it is about in the Winter.


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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