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Looking for a inline ML


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My nephew is looking for something inexpensive for this season for his son.  Doesn't need a scope as I've got a few kicking around.  I'm in the Albany area. 

Figured I'd ask here as we've got a few members on the Eastern part of the state. 

Let me know what you have for sale. 

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I've got a CVA Firebolt Ultra Mag in 50 cal that has been sitting in the back of the gun safe for over a decade. I have multiple others and this was a starter gun and maybe has 30-40 rounds through it. I'd gift it to you honestly for a young hunter. Its a base model but it is what it is. I'm CNY so just let me know.



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@fletchny11.  Can't thank you enough for your generosity.

Posting so others know we were going to meet up near turning stone tomorrow.  However, someone from my nephews wife's side gifted him a TC Omaga.. with a scope. It's not in the best condition, but seeing Levi is big into school sports, and he only has limited sits available, we figured this would be a good start. 

Again, can't thank fletch enough for his generosity. Stand up guy.  Hopefully he can gift that ML to another youth. 

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Mowin , those omegas could be one of the best production ML made , I've seen them shoot even with pitted bores. Mine will be buried with me , you can part the action out for a couple hundred or have woodman arms build you one with it . Several guys make after market breech plugs where you can use an O ring and adjust the head spacing for minimal blow bye. 


Great gesture from Fletch 

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